Tips For Sellers

Tip 1: Decide Whether You Will Renovate Your Home

  • The average remodeling payback in the past 10 years has dropped from 82% in 2003 to about 57%, according to Remodeling magazine.
  • Addition of power generators (47.5% return), sunroom (45.9%).
  • Steel entry-door replacements (73% return), garage door replacements (71.9%).


Tip 2: Get Your Papers Ready

  • Prepare a letter to the lender stating intention to payoff the mortgage.
  • Prepare tax assessments or easements stating such will have to be included in the purchase contract.
  • Prepare your proof of property taxes paid.
  • Prepare your paid information of the past utility bills (12 months).


Tip 3: Find A Real Estate Professional

  • Find a broker or a realtor who has vast data base to attract buyers.
  • Do research to gather information of realtors’ capacity to handle your concerns of your home sales.


Tip 4: Get Your Home Marketable

  • Have your home professionally cleaned.
  • Remove clutters such as unimpressive household items.
  • Utilize the visual impact of eye catching items such as fresh flowers and plants.
  • Brighten up your dark rooms.
  • Take high resolution photos of your home. 
  • Consider hiring professional photographers or videographers if you cannot portrait your home as you wanted it to be.
  • Make your home searchable in the internet search engines using your community network such as face book.
  • Consult with your real estate professional for “Open House.”


Tip 5: Avoid Selling Your home To More Than One Buyer

  • If you receive multiple offers, each offer will be presented to you in the order registered. You don’t need to decide anything until after you’ve seen all the offers.
  • If you do accept or counter more than one offer, you are required to establish an order of precedence noting which is the primary offer, followed by the backups in order. This will help you avoid selling your home to more than one buyer.


Tip 6: Make A Wise Choice

  • Accept a buyer’s offer.
  • Counter buyers’ offer.
  • Reject buyers’ offer.
  • Real estate professionals can assist you in making the best choice based on the market conditions.


I am ready to sell my home

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